Love me back

'Love me back' is a feel good story I wrote with my daughter. The first chapters will be published online at Hebban, the Dutch website for booklovers. These first chapters can be read as a short story and will be published in an anthology. Curious what happens next? The full story will be available as standalone novel on September 7.
As the Hebban site is Dutch only, we publish these chapters (also in a weekly frequence), in English here:

Breaking up [Short story]

Falling in love is no problem; breaking up requires a whole new set of skills. How is Arthur Sturrock going to tell her?

Delivery [Short Story]

New job; first day. Garrick is glad that his first day as a taxi driver is over. But just before he wants to go home, one more passenger is waiting for him. A special passenger with a special story.

First Time [Short Story]

There is a first time for everything. And will you forget that first time? Forget it! The excitement; the lust for the unknown; the tension; the outloading... Everything is different. That first time.


Porsha Gibeon is in her early twenties. Her 'bedroom - slash office', is a self made design centre where she works hard to establish her own T-shirt brand. Ready to conquer the world of fashion and desperate to find the love of her life. 
Porsha's life is unpredictable, hilarious and edgy. As she  says: "It's my mess and I love it!"

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